If You Created It, You Own It..

Copyright – a legal concept providing the creator of an original work (text, artistic works, music, computer programs, recordings and films) exclusive rights to control how the material is reproduced and whether the material will be performed or shown to the public.

According to YouTube, “when a person creates an original work that it fixed in a physical medium, he or she automatically owns copyright to the work”.

Everyday millions of people around the world utilise the internet to view, download and share songs, movies and television shows. The rise and development of digital media has allowed individuals with a computer and access to an internet connection to download and share copyrighted material instantaneously. To be honest, why wouldn’t you? Why pay for something when you can easily get it for free?

What most people aren’t aware of is that downloading or sharing copyrighted material without permission is illegal. If you think you’re invisible and won’t get caught, think again. Every month thousands of people are caught sharing copyrighted material online. Most users are sent warnings, but those who continue to breach the copyright act can potentially be sued by the copyright holders.


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