#Kony2012 – The Power of Social Media

It has become apparent that technological change is a constant aspect of modern society. We are constantly finding new ways to express our opinions and ideas instantly and effectively. Due to the rise of digital media, the audience is encouraged not only to consume content, but also produce it by expressing their views on aspects of the media through social networking. This use of social media and networking has enabled us to create, exchange and share information and ideas instantaneously.

The public reaction to the ‘Kony 2012’ video was definitely unexpected, even for Jason Russell who was the mastermind behind the campaign. The sole purpose of the movement was to essentially make Joseph Kony, a Ugandan war lord, a household name which caused social media users to create a social media revolution. This video went viral across a number of different media platforms in a matter of days, thanks to the so called ‘slacktivists’ who watched, liked, commented and shared the video  on Facebook or utilised Twitter in order to show their support by making Kony 2012 trend.

Not only could supporters share the Kony 2012 video, they also had the choice to further donate to the cause by buying posters, action kits, t-shirts, bracelets and other items in order to spread the word about Joseph Kony and his crimes.

This is a clear representation of slack participation, whereby individuals advocate for social change and support for other causes by performing simple measures which do not clearly demonstrate their engagement in making a change such as liking or sharing a page on Facebook, tweeting about it, or signing an online petition.


One thought on “#Kony2012 – The Power of Social Media

  1. Hi Sierra, I enjoyed your blog post – the Kony campaign really featured as a trending topic in the public sphere for a while. Like you I’m pretty cynical that the campaign actually made any difference. Also like your blog layout – really easy to read.

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