Over the past 10 weeks not only have I enjoyed convergent media as a whole, but I have also enjoyed learning about the different aspects of convergent media that I either wasn’t aware of or had little or no knowledge about. So here is what I believe are my best 3 blogs:

1. #1stWorldProblems
Week 4’s topic was not only extremely easy to understand, but also easy to relate to. As I am apart of Generation Y, I’m interested in everything technology related, so writing this post was rather enjoyable as I had the opportunity to insert some of my technology related experiences. Although this blog post wasn’t very original, it was the actual topic which made it one of my favourites as it made me reflect on how rapidly technology has evolved.

2. You Can’t Change The World By Clicking A Button
Week 9’s topic was really interesting because we learned about how social media has altered the way we participate in politics. With the rise of social media, clicktivism is becoming more apparent as more and more people are finding it as an easy and quick way to show their support. Although it took me a while to figure out what exactly to write, I found that once I started it become much easier to express my opinion on the concept.

3. The Dark Side Of The Internet..
Previously, we learnt about how great and useful the internet is, so week 10’s topic was a great way to end my blogging experience as I talked about ‘trolling’, anonymity, cyber bullying and the detrimental effect it may have on victims. Although I have never been cyber bullied, I find it frustrating to see when people just write abusive or demeaning comments online about someone based on their race, gender, appearance or their past. Writing this blog post was just a reminder of how much of an issue bullying is in today’s society.

Overall, having to blog each week has been a great experience. Not only have I been able to further research and understand each week’s topic, but I’ve also had the opportunity to improve my writing skills (at least I think I have).


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