Remember That One Time When Television Was Black And White?

…Cause I certainly don’t!

The television has evolved into one of the most important and reliable forms of communication due to its ability to reach mass audiences worldwide. Along with this the television is able to inform individuals about global events and news, educate people on various topics, and of course provide entertainment. It therefore has revolutionised the way in which individuals receive information and the way individuals understand the world around them. Nowadays, it is becoming more common for households to acquire more than one television, which adds to the importance of television in the family home.

My mother’s childhood memories of television were very different from my own. Although I was born in the Philippines, I was raised in Australia and have been here since 1995. She, on the other hand, grew up in the Philippines with her parents, her 12 other siblings – yes, you read that correctly, 12 OTHER SIBLINGS – and of course the extended family. Therefore, living in a developing country with a large family meant that everyone was situated in front of the one TV.

According to my mother, her family rarely fought over what television show to watch as they were taught from a young age to respect their elders and to behave. This meant that her parents and older siblings got to choose what the whole family watched. According to her, this wasn’t a bad thing as they had similar tastes – plus they weren’t that many choices. Although she cannot recall how old she was when her family got their first TV, she does however remember what it looked like, and what decorations surrounded it. She has a clear memory of the television unit, and the TV being surrounded by photos, flowers, toys and ceramic decorations.

Nowadays, my mother spends her time on our family computer watching television shows that are being aired in the Philippines. Whilst she does sit and watch television programs that air on Australian TV, she prefers to watch Filipino programs and news, just so she can keep up to date with what’s happening over there.


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