Public Space

Public space is referred to as all areas that are open and accessible to all members of the public. It also can be considered as non-domestic physical sites that are distinguished by their relative accessibility, including parks, restaurants, cafes and Universities. Along with playing an important role in urban environment, public space also serves as an important site for social interaction. Public spaces allow individuals to come together and socialize away from home and work, therefore encouraging public interaction.

Private spaces on the other hand are the complete opposite – the more private the space, the more rules are made by the owners. Therefore, private space is one in which the owner can control what goes on by implementing certain rules and regulations. As the owner has bought the rights to the space, they essentially can do whatever they want without any interruptions from the outside world.

Nowadays, public space often functions as a space between the virtual and the real, and between work and home. In an urban public space, we are often sent into a virtual world due to technology and our mobile devices. Wireless technology and the media are breaking down the boundaries of the public space due to the constant connectivity. Communication technology and the emerging popularity of mobile devices have allowed individuals to overcome the barriers of time and space. I always see myself listening to music or checking my phone when I’m in a public space by myself. For some this may be considered as an anti-social act, but I merely see it as passing time. Individuals are also using their mobile social networks to transform the ways in which they come together and interact in public spaces. The rise of electronic technology and the ability to access to all forms of media has begun changing the nature of the public space in that we are now performing private acts in a more public setting.

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