Time To Reflect..

It feels like it was only yesterday when I was attempting to ‘study’ for my first HSC exam. But no, instead I’ve nearly completed my first year of Uni which is insane!

Up until this point I hadn’t given much thought to what I have learnt during this semester, shock! But in all seriousness I have learnt quite a lot which is surprising as I have been undertaking this subject for a short period of time. Within those short 10 weeks I’ve covered a variety of topics on this blog concerning ‘International Media and Communication’. Some of those topics include globalisation, hip-hop, transnational film industries, media capitals, global media, news values and world news.

I’m not going to lie, having to blog each week’s topic can be a hassle but it has enhanced my understanding of international media and communication on both a local and global scale. Having to create blog posts each week based on a topic and readings has been an interesting experience, which has assisted in comprehending and further understanding each week’s topics, concepts and main issues. The blog posts require us to expand on the issues and concepts given to us each week, therefore allowing us to express our own ideas and opinions.

A particular topic that I found quite interesting and learnt a lot about was global media and news values. As this was also the topic for my group presentation, I was able to further investigate what we as a society deem as ‘newsworthy’. The group presentation also enhanced my understanding of global news as a whole, and also the major shift in contemporary journalism.

Overall, BCM111 has assisted myself in understanding the many marvels of international media and communication. Although I had a slight understanding of some of the concepts and topics prior to starting this subject, I didn’t fully comprehend what they actually meant and how they are affecting our increasingly globalised world. A lot of the media that I consume on an everyday basis originates overseas, whether it be music, films, news or television shows. It’s because of this that BCM111 has been particularly interesting, and it has also encouraged me to appreciate content and media produced and created overseas.


Over the past 10 weeks not only have I enjoyed convergent media as a whole, but I have also enjoyed learning about the different aspects of convergent media that I either wasn’t aware of or had little or no knowledge about. So here is what I believe are my best 3 blogs:

1. #1stWorldProblems
Week 4’s topic was not only extremely easy to understand, but also easy to relate to. As I am apart of Generation Y, I’m interested in everything technology related, so writing this post was rather enjoyable as I had the opportunity to insert some of my technology related experiences. Although this blog post wasn’t very original, it was the actual topic which made it one of my favourites as it made me reflect on how rapidly technology has evolved.

2. You Can’t Change The World By Clicking A Button
Week 9’s topic was really interesting because we learned about how social media has altered the way we participate in politics. With the rise of social media, clicktivism is becoming more apparent as more and more people are finding it as an easy and quick way to show their support. Although it took me a while to figure out what exactly to write, I found that once I started it become much easier to express my opinion on the concept.

3. The Dark Side Of The Internet..
Previously, we learnt about how great and useful the internet is, so week 10’s topic was a great way to end my blogging experience as I talked about ‘trolling’, anonymity, cyber bullying and the detrimental effect it may have on victims. Although I have never been cyber bullied, I find it frustrating to see when people just write abusive or demeaning comments online about someone based on their race, gender, appearance or their past. Writing this blog post was just a reminder of how much of an issue bullying is in today’s society.

Overall, having to blog each week has been a great experience. Not only have I been able to further research and understand each week’s topic, but I’ve also had the opportunity to improve my writing skills (at least I think I have).

Time To Reflect..

Wow, I can’t believe it has already been 6 weeks! In such a short amount of time, I’ve had the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about media. Considering we practically revolve around the media and utilise various forms of media every day, it was great to actually expand my knowledge about the media and study it in depth.

When I first got told I had to create and maintain a blog, I wasn’t that excited. For someone who had never blogged before, I knew it was going to be difficult to comprehend the actual concept of blogging. In fact, I was kind of dreading having to post a piece of text for others to read and essentially critique. As I began writing, drafting and posting more and more blogs it became apparent that it didn’t matter what others thought about my work because they were my own ideas and opinions.

During the past six weeks we have encountered a variety of different issues that the media raises. In week 2 we began with the role of the media and what aspects of the ‘media effects’ model were incorrect. In week 3 we were introduced to semiotics and we learned how to identify both the connotations and denotations of an image. In week 4 we discussed who exactly owns the media we use on a daily basis and whether it matters who controls it. In week 5 introduced to the concept of the ‘public sphere’ and discussed how the media contributes to the mediated public sphere. Finally, in week 6 we discussed privacy and surveillance and also examined the associated concerns.

Personally, I believe this experience has been a fantastic way to introduce Communication and Media Studies. Having to create blog posts based on each week’s topic and readings further assisted in understanding the content and the main issues or arguments associated with the media. Reading other people’s blogs has shown how everyone explores the different issues raised each week by expanding on the concepts given to us and expressing their own ideas and personal experiences. Undertaking BCM110 has also helped me fully grasp how much the media dictates and influences my life.